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More Precious Than Life is Love,

For There Can Be No Life Without Love.

A Legacy of Love

The Legacy of Love website celebrates the numerous accomplishments of Rev Sun Myung Moon (1920-2012) and his wife Dr Hak Ja Han Moon. After marrying in 1960, they devoted their entire lives to creating  a world where all people can live in peace, harmony, and happiness.

Known affectionately as the Father and Mother of Peace, they worked tirelessly to enable and reinforce committed marriages and strong, healthy families as the building block for peaceful societies, and to foster international and intercultural reconciliation.

Beyond religion, nationality, race and ethnicity, we are all one human family, the holy community of God, our heavenly parent.

Many international organisations were created to accomplish this purpose, including the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU), the Universal Peace Federation (UPF), the Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP), the International Association of Youth and Students for Peace (IAYSP), as well as many others across the world. 

This website celebrates the centenary year of Father Moon’s birth and the couple’s 60th wedding anniversary. We welcome you, and encourage you to learn more about their inspiring vision of peace.  Join in and make your own contribution!

“To experience true peace, we must first practice true love without expectation of reward ”

Hak Ja Han Moon



Father and Mother Moon began their tradition of the Marriage Blessing in 1960 with their own wedding ceremony and have since passed on that Blessing to thousands of couples worldwide, encouraging them to include God, the heavenly parent, in their family relationships and to strive to live for the greater whole. 

In response to the general breakdown of traditional marriage and family today, the Marriage Blessing is an opportunity for couples to begin or renew and recommit to their marriage relationship and become part of a community of Blessed Couples who strive to embody God’s love and create healthy relationships in their families and beyond.

The Three Main Teachings

Becoming a Person of Integrity

Each one of us is meant to be born into a loving family, with the opportunity to grow our body and spirit to maturity. By experiencing love from each member of the family, we develop an understanding of universal principles and values. As our minds unite with the principles of God, we are naturally inclined to make responsible and healthy choices as adults.

Even though individuals and families have been conflicted throughout history, as individuals we are still able to heal ourselves and become people of individual integrity, who can restore and build healthy and satisfying family relationships.

True and Lasting Love

Having developed a heart of unselfish love, it is easier for us to create true and lasting love in our relationships. We form families where God's love flourishes and multiplies through the generations, providing a nourishing environment for each family member to reach their own unique potential. Our families become the building blocks to build one world without barriers.

Develop Goodness and Prosperity

Using our God-given natural creativity we take responsibility to care for the planet and develop living conditions that benefit all. With creative minds working together interdependently internationally, we could build the world of peace and prosperity that God and people have always wanted to see realized . The individual lives for the sake of the family, the family lives for the nation, and the nation lives for the world. This ensures the safety and prosperity of all.

“It is time to set new coordinates for our lives and to come out from behind
the barriers of our own nation, our own religion, our own race and culture and make
a decisive effort for peace. God has been longing to see the human family reunited”

Sun Myung Moon