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התאחדות הנשים לשלום עולמי


התאחדות הנשים לשלום עולמי

Women working together to realize one global family

The Women’s Federation for World Peace is a women’s organization that promotes women as an essential ingredient in creating a peaceful global society. The organization is united globally by this vision while addressing the unique issues and barriers in each region on the grassroots level and through high-level events.


WFWPI was founded in 1992 in the Republic of Korea and quickly expanded to over 100 countries. Only five years later, WFWPI was granted General Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.


Women working together to realize one global family rooted in a culture of sustainable peace.


Empowering women as peacebuilders and leaders in the family to transform the community, nation and world. Through education, advocacy, partnership, reconciliation and humanitarian service, WFWPI aims to create an environment of peace and well-being for future generations and people of all races, cultures and religious creeds.


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